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Accounting & tax for your cannabis business

Who We Serve


We help you understand the cost to grow a plant from seed to sale.

Processors & Manufacturers

We help you correctly minimize the tax burden on your profit.

Dispensaries & Retailers

We help you establish appropriate internal controls to ensure cash and inventory are accounted for and you know exactly what is on hand.


We help ensure your investment is not only meeting compliance requirements but also carrying out best practices.

We Provide Rock Solid, World-Class Accounting So You Can Secure Capital And Maintain Lending, Better Manage The Company, And Survive Any Audit.

Rock-Solid Accounting

We maintain your books and records month-over-month on a GAAP basis so you can secure capital and maintain lending, better manage the company, and survive any audit.

Lower Taxes

We do correct cost accounting to maximize your benefit under IRC section 280(e). This lowers your tax liability and in-turn increases cash flow to support business growth and ensure long-term stability.

World Class Reporting

We turn your financial data into useful reports to help you identify, manage, and mitigate risks, plan for the long-term, and communicate with the Board, Investors, and Lenders.

Peace Of Mind

Our work ultimately gives you peace of mind so you can sleep at night, focus on brand, growth, and product, and not worry about accounting, tax, HR, and compliance problems.

Improved Cash Flow

Our work streamlines your accounting function, standardizes your financial data, and applies proper cost accounting to maximize your allowable tax deductions. This ensures you have the maximum cash flow to manage and grow the business and ensure long-term stability and sustainability.

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The needs and and challenges of this industry are unique, and we are trained to meet those needs and optimize results. Our goal is your peace of mind.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Julia Ullrich, Full Bloom Accounting, has been a critical part of the growth and sustainability of our company over the years. She is very experienced, punctual, accurate, and easy to talk to and work with through growth and change. Our company has had ups and downs, as most companies have, but Julia has remained a strong force to get us through those hard times. I don’t know what we would have done without her. We have been working together for almost a decade now and hope that we have many more years together as a team.”

AVID Hard Cider Co

“In the 17 years of running my business, Julia has been my favorite accountant. Not only is she a joy to work with, but I absolutely trust her with my books, which is GOLD to a small business owner. I especially appreciate her attention to detail, her commitment to excellence, and her generosity when we reach out with our questions. She’s a huge asset to my team.”

Kelly Rae Roberts

“Working with Julia of Full Bloom Accounting has been the best decision I’ve made for my business. Because I’m an artist with multiple streams of income, my bookkeeping needs can be quite complicated. Julia has been able to simplify my business bookkeeping in a way that I didn’t even know was possible! Not only is she incredibly organized, smart, and has my best interest in mind, she is kind, understanding, and patient — something that I have found rare in the accounting world. Julia has set up my books in a way that makes tax season a breeze, and I no longer have the stress of gathering receipts or tracking down expenses, since they are organized monthly. Julia has streamlined my finances in a way that has removed SO MUCH stress from my life. For the first time in my career, I feel super confident and on top of things!

Katie Daisy

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Bring Your Business To Full Bloom
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We Provide Rock Solid, World-Class Accounting So You Can Secure Capital And Maintain Lending, Better Manage The Company, And Survive Any Audit.

Full Bloom Accounting provides full-service accounting specifically for the cannabis industry. The needs and and challenges of this industry are unique, and we are trained to meet those needs and optimize results. Did you know that most bookkeepers have no idea how to do proper GAAP or cost accounting? This means that you are paying more tax than you should. We can do your accounting the right way to correctly minimize your tax liability. Do you know your profit margin? Do you know if you are making or losing money at the current price point? Through proper cost accounting, we can help you answer these questions and provide monthly financial reports that you can use to run your business.

Are you doing proper inventory counts? Does your account keep getting flagged for incomplete data? We can help you put internal controls in place to ensure cash and inventory are accounted for properly and records maintained so you know how much product is on hand. Are you ready for the impending audit? We are able to support you through external and internal audits easily as our work builds an audit trail as the business carries on. Our work helps keep investors and auditors happy.

Are you overwhelmed with accounting and compliance tasks? Our work gives you peace of mind that the books are being kept up-to-date, tax returns are filed, bills are paid, payroll is run, and all accounting matters are being monitored.

Founder of Full Bloom Accounting

About Julia Ullrich, CPA

I am a seasoned accountant with a progressive career track across various industries including manufacturing, retail, and vertically integrated companies. I am a master at bringing together accounting data into useful reporting to inform management, a board of directors, lenders, and investors. My passion is giving business owners peace of mind, knowing that they are ready for any audit and can execute on M&A activity or a capital raise. I have helped companies confidently manage their audits which requires preparation, planning, and knowing what the tax agencies are looking for.

I do this by organizing, systemizing, and tackling any and all accounting issues before and as they arise. I can help you correctly minimize your tax liability through proper cost accounting. Furthermore, I am part of a national network of cannabis experts who back me up. My goal is to give you confidence that your business accounting is in the best hands.